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Q. What’s recycled tableware?

A.An attempt to reuse unnecessary dishes as part of "ingredients for making tableware".


What comes to mind when you hear the words recycled tableware?

  Most people might imagine it is second hand tableware that has been previously used, washed and passed on for further use.

Our recycled tableware is very different from what you may have first thought.  We take used tableware and transform it into a brand-new item, that can not only be totally different from it’s original design; but also have a beneficial impact on the environment by reducing waste.

Recycled Tableware

The first step in the process is to collect any unwanted tableware and grind it into a 1mm fine powder.

  It is then mixed with a portion of clay (approximately 20%) to make a new base paste for creating our newly designed tableware items. 

The paste is then put into the molds and fired for a completely transformed item. 

Our idea came about from looking into ways to minimize waste and landfill, and the desire to have a positive impact on the environment.


Grinding Tableware

The below outlines the process used to create our recycled tableware.


1. Unwanted tableware
2. Ground to a rough mixture
3. Finely ground to a powder of 1mm
4. Mixed with virgin clay before adding to the new molds


Green Life 21 Projects vison for creating this recycled tableware requires the co-operation of many specialists, ranging from collection and delivery drivers to clay producers and retailers. 

Green Life 21 Project HP → http://gl21.org/

Re-Shokki Brand page → http://www.gl21.org/promotion.html

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